WET Membership

WET Logo reads: Water and Environmental Technology Center


Director, Dr. Ian Pepper

WET is a National Science Foundation (NSF)-graduated Center focused on water and wastewater technology.  It is a virtual center with access to all University of Arizona expertise and administrated within the WEST facility.  WET Center research is funded by public and private sector memberships.  Membership funding is used for research relevant to the members. Additionally, WET has a Memorandum of Understanding with Arizona State University and Temple University that allows for leveraging of resources and collaborative research. Collectively, the three universities provide access to the latest technologies and innovative concepts that efficiently address water and energy issues.

Combined image of three university logos: The University of Arizona, Arizona State University, and Temple University

Mission:  WET strives to create new knowledge and technologies to be used by the private and public sectors to benefit communities.

Focal Areas:

  • Drinking water and wastewater treatment
  • Water reuse
  • Water quality and public health
  • Wastewater-based epidemiology
  • Source water protection
  • State-of-the-art technology evaluation and methodology development
  • Water for use in industrial manufacturing
  • Environmental health
  • Risk assessment
  • Analytical methods development
  • Real-time sensors for water quality monitoring and process control

Memberships:  WET is funded by public and private sector members who contribute funds for research in areas of interest to them.  Collaborative WET projects attract an array of WET members. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Municipal drinking water and wastewater utilities
  • Water industry organizations/associations (for example, CASA)
  • Water and wastewater treatment technology manufacturers
  • Agricultural companies
  • Chemical companies
  • Food & beverage companies
  • State and federal water quality regulators

Why Join?

  • Prestige through association with nationally-known University of Arizona WEST Center
  • World class expertise, facilities and equipment, including access to WEST
  • Bottom line value: 0% Indirect Costs

Membership Levels:

Full Membership:                                      $30,000
Enhanced-Associate Membership:           $15,000
Associate Membership:                             $3,000

All members get appropriate value for their investment, and become members of the WET Industrial Advisory Board, which advises the Director on appropriate research areas. Membership is for one year and can be renewed annually.

Examples of Recent Projects:

  • Wastewater-based epidemiology for detection of SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19
  • Incidence of PFAS analytes from long-term land application of biosolids
  • Control of biofilms and Legionella via magnetic field technology
  • Evaluation of Anammox technology for reduced wastewater treatment costs
  • Determination of CT values for chloramine disinfection of reclaimed water with respect to coronavirus


To learn more about becoming a WET member, please contact WEST Director Ian Pepper at ipepper@email.arizona.edu or (520) 626-2322.